E Store

Enertia's eStore will be soon be handled by our marketing department directly. Individual or team orders can be made by contacting Nicole Durham at nicole@enertia.biz. If you have a gift card, please be sure to utilize it on the old website located here. Please note: the old eStore site will shut down and all gift cards will expire once it closes, so please use them soon. 

Items available through our marketing department include but are not limited to: 

Men's Greg Norman Play Dry® ML75 Textured Solid Polo


Colors: White, Cobalt, Yellow

Ladies ES Midland

Enertia Software - Training City

Ladies Next Level Triblend Deep V-Neck T-Shirt

Colors: Multiple 

Enertia FTW Bold

Enertia Software - For The Win

Unisex Canvas Tri-Blend T-Shirt

Colors: Multiple

 ES with City


Enertia Software - Training City

Unisex Canvas Tri-Blend T-Shirt

Colors: Multiple


Unisex Eddie Bauer - Rain Jacket

Item#ENEB550 (men) Item#ENEB551 (ladies)

Colors: Sea Blue, Black, White



Nike Sphere Dry Cap


Colors: Birch, Navy (shown), Black, White



Checkpoint-Friendly Compu Backpack


Color: Black